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Near the Simplon Pass, Switzerland. (Photo by Marlène Thibault)

Change of MRD’s MountainMedia Editor


Prof Martin Price, MRD’s highly committed MountainMedia Editor of 27 years and the longest-standing member of our current editorial team, is retiring from his professorship at the Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College, University of Highlands and Islands, Scotland at the end of January. He has therefore decided to resign from his position with MRD. We are very happy to have found an ideal successor in Dr Carolina Adler, Executive Director of the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI). As of 1 January 2021, please send any books you wish to see reviewed in MRD to Carolina at

Since he joined MRD’s editorial team in 1994, Martin Price solicited and edited close to 500 reviews of books and occasionally other media. Through this important work, issue by issue, Martin has been providing MRD’s readers with an excellent, remarkably broad and varied overview of recent mountain-relevant publications. Nowhere else is such an overview of scholarship on mountains and mountain development available, with such a broad array of disciplines represented. The editorial team thanks Martin very heartily for his enormous commitment to this task and to the journal and for the many years of excellent collaboration. Martin, we wish you all the best for the years to come!

Carolina Adler will take over starting in January. She has led the MRI’s Coordination Office since 2017 and has a wide network among mountain scientists, not least through her work as a Lead Author of several chapters in IPCC reports. Due to these ongoing commitments, in 2021 she will be supported in her work as MRD’s MountainMedia Editor by Gabrielle Vance, Scientific Project Officer at the Mountain Research Initiative. We greatly look forward to working with Carolina and Gabrielle – and to continuing to publish reviews of books and perhaps other media on topics relevant to our readers.

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