Mountain Research and Development Journal
Photo by Marlène Thibault

MRD's vision, mission, and aims


As the leading international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to mountain regions, Mountain Research and Development (MRD) envisions sustainable and resilient futures for mountain societies and mountain environments worldwide, supported by highest-quality knowledge, innovative ideas, impactful dialogue between science, practice, and policy, and a strong community of dedicated people.


MRD advances transformative knowledge for sustainable development in mountains and interconnected lowlands. It publishes high-quality articles on disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research and practice-based insights. It fosters dialogue within science, as well as between science, policy, and practice. It supports development of scientific and communicative capacities. MRD fulfils its mission through strong engagement with individuals, organizations, and networks within and beyond the mountain research and development community.


  • Knowledge base: Promote new and deepen current knowledge on systems, transformation pathways, and visions relevant to mountain societies and environments. Stimulate research production, and promote innovative thinking and quality writing through rigorous editorial processes. Hold and provide knowledge through open access.
  • Communication and dialogue: Provide sound evidence and insights, and facilitate dialogue among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers to inform innovative and effective practice and policies. Strengthen the global sustainable mountain development community by fostering community of thoughts among authors, reviewers, and members of the editorial board.
  • Capacity development: Strengthen capacities for bringing research outputs and insights from practice to publication, and develop skills for science communication related to sustainable mountain development. Support researchers and practitioners in bringing issues of sustainable mountain development to the center of academic and policy discourses.