Mountain Research and Development Journal

Mountain Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

VOL 40 | NO 2
May 2020

Articles in this focus issue offer further evidence of mountain species’ importance for human livelihoods and wellbeing. They also call for effective conservation and management approaches.

Pastoralism and Rangelands in Mountains

VOL 41 | NO 4
Call for papers open—due date extended

MRD invites papers that address transformations affecting mountain pastoralists and rangelands, their interactions with other systems, and the answers local communities, policymakers, and scientists can give.

Female Education and Social Change: Changing Perceptions of Women’s Roles in Society in the High Mountains of Northern Pakistan

By Katja Voigt and Michael Spies

The authors analyze how the relatively late emergence of female education initiated a process of rapid social change in a remote mountain community in Pakistan.

Trees in the Upper Treeline Ecotone in the Polar Urals: Centuries-Old Change and Spatial Patterns

By Valery V. Fomin et al

This analysis of forest–tundra demographics over the last 50 years contributes to understanding climate-driven changes in woody vegetation at the upper treeline.

Structural and Species Diversification as a Challenging Task in Forests of the Air-Polluted Jizera Mountains

By Ivan Kuneš et al

The authors give a detailed description of a successful effort to diversify the structure and tree species composition of spruce forests in an air-polluted mountain region of the Czech Republic.

Change of MRD’s MountainMedia Editor

Martin Price, MRD’s highly committed MountainMedia Editor of 27 years, will retire at the end of the year. We look forward to see his work continued by Carolina Adler, Executive Director of MRI.

Floristic Diversity and Distribution Patterns Along an Elevational Gradient in the Northern Part of the Ardabil Province Rangelands, Iran

By Sahar Ghafari et al

This study examines the abundance and distribution of species across elevation classes. The results are intended to inform conservation efforts and regional planning towards sustainable use of the Moghan...

New books on mountains out for review

MRD regularly invites experts to review books on mountain-relevant topics. We have just sent several new books out for review. See the whole list by clicking here – and watch out for the upcoming reviews!

Diet Overlap Between Livestock and Wild Herbivores in the Greater Himalaya

By Lisa Jeanne Koetke et al

Based on their analysis of forage availability and the diets of livestock and two wild herbivores, the authors recommend monitoring and limiting livestock numbers in their study area in Uttarkashi district of...

Issues with Applying the Concept of Community-based Tourism in the Caucasus

By Lela Khartishvili et al

This analysis uncovers hidden factors of community-based tourism in the South Caucasus and highlights the need to integrate community development with tourism practice.

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