Mountain Research and Development Journal

How Can Education Contribute to Sustainable Mountain Development? Past, Present, and Future Perspectives

VOL 40 | NO 4
Call for papers open

We are looking for contributions that address the title question by presenting systematically validated and well-referenced reflections on and suggestions in relation to pedagogic concepts and methods, formal...

Adaptation to Climate Change and Sustainable Development in Mountains

VOL 39 | NO 2
May 2019

The collection of evidence and experiences reported in this focus issue contributes to the knowledge base needed for effective adaptation and to the literature feeding into the IPCC’s 6th Assessment Report...

Farmers’ Perceptions of and Adaptations to Water Scarcity in Colombian and Venezuelan Páramos in the Context of Climate Change

By David Leroy

Perceptions of water scarcity in a climate change context are critical determinants of farmers' behavior, especially collective adaptation.

Worldwide Assessment of National Glacier Monitoring and Future Perspectives

By Isabelle Gärtner-Roer et al

This assessment of national glacier monitoring identifies gaps to guide countries in improving their monitoring schemes. The three pilot cases of Kyrgyzstan, Bolivia, and Switzerland are presented in detailed...

Participatory Planning Under Scenarios of Glacier Retreat and Tourism Growth in Southeast Iceland

By Johannes Welling et al

Participatory scenario planning can be a valuable tool to support recreational land use planning in glacial landscapes, and to improve anticipatory adaptation to potentially undesirable future changes.

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