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A Landscape’s Social and Ecological Services are Equally Valued by Andean Farmers When Deciding Where to Grow a Crop

By Quentin Struelens et al

Knowing farmer–landscape dynamics is vital for successful agroecological intensification. The main finding of this study in Ecuador challenges conventional sustainability norms.

Open Issue

VOL 44 | NO 1
February 2024

Read about pastoralism in Ladakh, links between migration and exotic plant species in the Andes, and the heterogeneity of Swiss alpine summer farms—and how all this relates to sustainable development.

Pastoralism in Changthang, Ladakh: Adaptations, Challenges, and Pathways for Sustainability

By Arif Pandit et al

This comprehensive review shows that integrated strategies that include regulated grazing practices and respect pastoralists’ stewardship are key to keeping this production system and culture sustainable.

Innovation Pathways to Sustainability in Mountains

VOL 45 | NO 3
Call for papers open

How can innovation contribute to sustainability in mountains? We invite papers that assess innovation processes, examine innovation practices, or provide agendas for policy, action, or research.

Restoring Mountain Systems for Social–Ecological Resilience

VOL 43 | NO 4
November 2023

Articles present a conceptual model for puna grassland restoration, local government perspectives on spring drying and revival, a social science research agenda for landscape conservation, and more.

Linking Migration Flows with the Prevalence of Exotic Plant Species in the Andes

By María Virginia González et al

This study shows how human mobility shapes biodiversity: In the Andean region, immigration is linked to an increase in exotic species, thereby impacting local ecosystems and biodiversity reservoirs.

A Conceptual Model for Rehabilitation of Puna Grassland Social–Ecological Systems

By Angela Mendoza-Ato et al

Based on experiences in the Piuray Ccorimarca microbasin in Cusco, Peru, the authors present a model that emphasizes participatory action research, adaptive management, and a multiscale approach.

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