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Changes on the Climatic Edge: Adaptation of and Challenges to Pastoralism in Montesinho (Northern Portugal)

By José Castro et al

This combined analysis of land use change and grazing patterns shows that evidence-informed management of pastures and permanent crops is crucial in adapting pastoralism to climate change.

Weaving Together Knowledges—Collaborations in Support of the Wellbeing of Mountain Peoples and Regions

VOL 42 | NO 4
Call for papers open

We are looking for contributions on how mountain researchers and Indigenous Peoples or other local knowledge holders can collaborate to guide knowledge creation and application.

MRD welcomes new editors-in-chief

MRD welcomes Pema Gyamtsho of ICIMOD and Yanfen Wang of UCAS, who have joined Thomas Breu of CDE as editors-in-chief following the retirement of David Molden. We thank David for his invaluable work.

Closing the Adaptation Gap in Mountains

By Graham McDowell et al

This article identifies critical adaptation gaps in mountains and discusses opportunities for achieving more equitable and sustainable mountain futures.

Climate Change and Utah Ski Resorts: Impacts, Perceptions, and Adaptation Strategies

By Emily J. Wilkins et al

Climate change is a threat to the sustainability of ski resorts in Utah, USA, and to communities that rely on ski tourism. Adaptation practices can reduce the impacts to some degree at most resorts.

New books on mountains out for review

MRD regularly invites experts to review books on mountain-relevant topics. We have just sent several new books out for review. See the whole list by clicking here – and watch out for the upcoming reviews!

Open Issue

VOL 41 | NO 2
May 2021

Canada’s mountain systems, governance challenges in mountains worldwide, or a global network of mountain observatories: read about these and other topics in this open issue.

A Nationally Coherent Characterization and Quantification of Mountain Systems in Canada

By Graham McDowell and Jiaao Guo

This study advances understanding of the biogeography, people, and economic activities associated with mountains in Canada, providing a nationally coherent basis for research, policy, and work on social issues.

Challenges for Governing Mountains Sustainably: Insights From a Global Survey

By Catherine Tucker et al

Strengthening local governance that fits local conditions is key to supporting sustainable development of mountain social-ecological systems, as this analysis of 75 survey responses shows.

Open Issue

VOL 41 | NO 1
February 2021

Indigenous-driven sustainability initiatives in the tropical Andes, urban risk knowledge and GLOF danger in the Indian Himalayas: read more about these and other topics in this open issue.

Addressing Challenges of Hazards, Risks, and Disaster Management in Mountain Regions

VOL 42 | NO 2

Articles will look at the links between hazards, vulnerabilities, disaster management, development, and global change and offer insights into integrative ways of improving disaster management.

Focus Topics

Pastoralism and Rangelands in Mountains

VOL 41 | NO 4
In progress

Articles address transformations affecting mountain pastoralists and rangelands, their interactions with other systems, and the answers local communities, policymakers, and...

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