Mountain Research and Development Journal

Pastoralism and Rangelands in Mountains

VOL 41 | NO 4
Call for papers open

MRD invites papers that address transformations affecting mountain pastoralists and rangelands, their interactions with other systems, and the answers local communities, policymakers, and scientists can give.

Dynamic Urban Centers and Sustainable Mountain Development

VOL 41 | NO 3
Call for papers open

MRD is looking for papers that help understand urbanization and emerging rural–urban relations in mountains, or that propose ways of shaping these transformations to increase sustainability; and for syntheses...

Revised guidelines for MountainDevelopment section

We have updated the author guidelines for MountainDevelopment articles, offering authors concrete advice on how to structure the text. Reviewers will be asked to apply the new review criteria as of 15 October.

Ke garne? How Values and Worldviews Influence Resilience to Natural Hazards: A Case Study From Mustang, Nepal

By Eva Posch et al

How do values and worldviews influence lodge owners’ proactive behavior in the face of natural hazards? Findings show that resilience building initiatives should take into account values and worldviews in...

New books on mountains out for review

MRD regularly invites experts to review books on mountain-relevant topics. We have just sent several new books out for review. See the whole list by clicking here – and watch out for the upcoming reviews!

MRD’s International Editorial Board substantially enlarged for new 3-year term

MRD’s expanded IEB ensures even better coverage of our wide range of topics. The editorial team thanks all previous members for their highly valued service and looks forward to working with the new Board!

Open Issue

VOL 39 | NO 3
August 2019

Education for girls in Nepal, forest fires on the slopes of Mount Kenya, landslide vegetation patterns in Japan, and integrated biodiversity monitoring in Colombia: read more about these and other topics in...

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