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Controlling Factors and Characteristics of Peak Runoff in an Alpine Headwater Under the Asian Monsoon Climate

By Koichi Sakakibara and Keisuke Suzuki

This research shows that runoff responds rapidly to rainfall, making direct in situ observation of meteorological and hydrological data key to predicting water-related disasters.

MRD author Neelakshi Joshi wins BioOne Ambassador Award

With a lay summary of her recent article in MRD, our nominee Neelakshi Joshi convinced the judging panel to select her as one of 5 winners of this year’s BioOne Ambassador Award. Congratulations!

Communicating Risk in Glacier Tourism: A Case Study of the Svínafellsheiði Fracture in Iceland

By Stephanie Matti et al

This ethnographic study shows that tailoring risk communication to tourism employees is crucial in the context of large-scale, less visible hazards like unstable deglaciated slopes.

Open Issue

VOL 42 | NO 1
February 2022

The role of local food products in mountain tourism, smart villages, and outcomes of the International Mountain Conference 2019 in Innsbruck: read about these and other topics in this open issue.

MRD showcased in BioDigest, BioOne’s publisher news

In an interview, Associate Editor Sarah-Lan Mathez-Stiefel explains our vision and mission and highlights upcoming new features, including indigenous contributions and an online dialogue series.

Smart Initiatives in a Suburban Community: An Example from the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland

By Łukasz Komorowski

Based on a case study, this article shows how and to what extent the “smart village” concept can help local communities in mountain and foothill areas solve socioeconomic and environmental problems.

Implementing Climate Change Adaptation Policies Across Scales: Challenges for Knowledge Coproduction in Andean Mountain Socio-ecosystems

By Emilie Dupuits et al

The authors make key recommendations for multiscale and multiactor climate change adaptation governance in the Andes, based on analyses of climate policies and case studies from across the region.

New books on mountains out for review

MRD regularly invites experts to review books on mountain-relevant topics. We have just sent several new books out for review. See the whole list by clicking here – and watch out for the upcoming reviews!

Focus Topics

Anne Zimmermann. Photo by Lilian Trechsel


The editors welcome the International Year of Sustainable Mountain Development 2022. They also...

A review by Armin Landmann of the book by Nawraj Pradhan, Dilip Chetry, Frank Momberg, Lily Shrestha, Naw May Lay Thant, Huang Zhipang, Nakul Chettri, and Yi Shaoliang

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