Mountain Research and Development Journal
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Guidelines and instructions for authors

MRD features three peer-reviewed sections: MountainDevelopment, which contains “Transformation Knowledge,” MountainResearch, which contains “Systems Knowledge,” and MountainAgenda, which contains “Target Knowledge.” In addition, the MountainPlatform section offers International Mountain Society members an opportunity to convey information about their mountain initiatives and priorities; and the MountainMedia section presents reviews of recent publications on mountains and mountain development.

Each journal section has a different set of guidelines; you will find them through the navigation bar to the right. Authors are encouraged to print out the PDF version of the guidelines for the type of paper they wish to submit, and to follow these guidelines very carefully before submitting their paper. Failure to do so may delay publication, cause extra costs to the author, or lead to rejection.

Publication fee

MRD charges a publication fee for articles in its three peer-reviewed sections, including the MountainDevelopment section. Normally the fee is due only if an article is accepted for publication. For more information, read our publication fee policy.


Authors agree that their work will be published in MRD subject to the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Copyright in articles is retained by the authors. Once an article is accepted for publication, the corresponding author will be asked by e-mail to confirm all authors’ consent to these terms (so-called “author release agreement”).

If your paper includes any previously published material, note that it is your responsibility to obtain written permission to publish or reproduce any copyrighted material from the copyright holders.

Dual publication

Papers submitted to MRD must not have been published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere. The only exception concerns excerpts or material from a PhD or other academic thesis that have not previously been published in a book or journal and are not under consideration for publication in a book or journal. These are eligible for submission, even if they are publicly accessible in an online repository according to the requirements of the institution awarding the qualification. However, when developing an article based on your thesis, make sure that it fits the relevant section policy and targets MRD’s readership.

During the submission process, authors are asked to confirm that the results/data/figures/any significant part of the text in the manuscript have not been published elsewhere, including on the internet, and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere. They are alerted to the fact that they must not submit their manuscript elsewhere once they have submitted it to MRD. If any part of the submitted material has been or will be published or submitted elsewhere prior to publication in MRD, the authors must point this out to the Editors. This also applies to material extracted from a thesis. Should the Editors find out that significant parts of a paper submitted to MRD have been published elsewhere prior to publication in MRD, even though the author confirmed that this is not the case, the paper will be rejected and the author will be charged for the costs of processing the paper through peer review.

MRD is very much in favor of authors circulating their papers at conferences and on their own and institutional websites. However, please do so only once your paper has been published. Authors should be aware that conference organizers sometimes publish contributions online prior to the conference. If you submit a paper as a contribution to a conference after you have submitted it to MRD, please inform the conference organizers that they must by no means publish it online prior to its publication in MRD, and that they must afterwards acknowledge that it was first published in MRD and indicate the correct citation.