Mountain Research and Development Journal

Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development in the Caucasus Mountains in a Context of Ongoing Geopolitical Shifts

We invite assessments of development and policy experiences, empirical studies on topics emphasized in the Caucasus Regional Research Agenda, and systematic reviews of research, policies, or action.

Open Issue

Read about a new interactive mudflow database in Kazakhstan, a social innovation in a Swiss Alpine valley, an agenda for a people-centered energy transition in mountains, and more in this open issue.

Mountain Resilience: A Tool for Mudflow Risk Management in the Ile Alatau Mountains, Kazakhstan

The authors present a newly developed interactive database on mudflows that can serve as a risk reduction tool for residents and businesses in mountain areas.

How can social innovations contribute to local mountain economies? Learnings from science and practice

MRD authors and other panelists shared insights and inspiring experiences from the Swiss Alps, the Hindu Kush Himalaya, Georgia, and Ecuador. Click to read the key insights and watch the recording!

Renewable Electricity Production in Mountain Regions: Toward a People-Centered Energy Transition Agenda

Transition to renewable electricity centered on mountain people requires political commitment, effective policies, technological innovation, and effective social and environmental impact remediation.

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