Mountain Research and Development Journal

Restoring Mountain Systems for Social–Ecological Resilience

We invite systematic assessments of restoration experiences, empirical research on degradation, restoration, and their links to resilience, and review-based agendas for research, policy, or action.

A Future for Mountain Terraces: Experiences from Mediterranean Wineries

Mountain wineries are helping to revitalize mountain farming in Cyprus, creating economic opportunities and good prospects for restoring abandoned drystone terraces and using them productively again.

Community-Based Institutions Shape Cheese Co-Production in a French Alpine Valley

This study highlights the crucial role of community-based institutions for local livelihoods in heterogeneous mountain areas, based on a mixed-method analysis of constraints, drivers, and resources in agricultural production.

Climate change adaptation in mountains: How to close the gap between policies and local realities?

Two MRD authors presented their findings and discussed their recommendations with invited policymakers, practitioners, and the audience. Click to read the key insights and watch the recording!

Consumer Liking and Value Perception of Mountain Cheese from Different Pasture Periods: Evidence for Mountain Systems Supporting Policies

Artisanal mountain Pecorino cheese made in spring—from the milk of sheep grazing on flowering meadows—can fetch higher prices. This can help support the sustainability of mountain grazing systems.

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