Mountain Research and Development Journal
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Guidelines for reviewers of MountainResearch papers

Section policy

The purpose of papers in MountainResearch is to present “systems knowledge,” ie knowledge describing how current systems—society, the economy, the environment, etc—work and how they might work in future. Articles in this section offer original and innovative scientific research relevant to sustainable mountain development.

Papers should address a scientific community interested in mountains, mountain people, sustainable mountain development, development-oriented research, and interdisciplinary interaction. Disciplinary papers are welcome provided they address an academic audience broader than that dealing with the specific field of research presented.

Manuscripts are reviewed by two or more international academic experts.

Review questions for MountainResearch papers

1. Content

  • Is the paper a unique/important/useful contribution to the relevant national/international debate?
  • Does the paper provide novel ideas/concepts/methods?
  • Does the paper provide new applications of existing concepts and methods?
  • Does the paper provide a useful synthesis in its field?
  • Do the authors reflect on the relevance of their work to sustainable development in mountains?
  • Do the authors point to how this study is transferable to other mountain regions?
  • Do the references point to key papers and are they adequate?

2. Methods

  • Is the work sound from the point of view of concept and method?
  • Do the data support the conclusions?

3. Structure

  • Is the paper concise and well structured?
  • Are the title, abstract, and keywords appropriate?
  • Are the figures, tables, maps, etc relevant and accurate?

4. Additional comments

Any additional comments are very welcome.

You may also add comments directly in the manuscript and upload the annotated PDF. The authors will receive an anonymized version.